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Thursday, October 18th, 2007 (Morning)
09.00      Registration
10.00      Welcome
Mr. Alberto Ansuategi.
Scientific Policy Director of the BASQUE GOVERNMENT Education, Universities and Research Department
10.30      Opening
Mr. Pascal Frion.
Acrie Nantes Director and Acrie Network Co-ordinator Acrie - ACRIE(France)
Mrs. Jacqueline Ysquierdo. Acrie Network and France National Competitive Intelligence ACRIE(France)
11.15      Coffee-break

SESSION I: Watch/Intelligence, Innovation and Strategy. Impact on the business competitiviness.

11.30       The Cost of Ignorance
Mr. Sergio Larreina.
Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence Unit - FUNDACIÓN LEIA C.D.T. (Basque Country)
11.50       UNE 166006:2006 EX Normative: First experiences in the certification and application of Technology watch Systems
Mr. Gerardo Malvido.
Strategic Development Division - AENOR (Madrid)
Mrs. Marta Pérez. Prospective, Watch and Quality Division - CIEMAT (Madrid)
12.10       Tools for the export agro industry competitiveness in Chile
Mrs. Patricia Villarreal.
Environment Area Project Manager and Technology Watch Unit Co-ordinator - FUNDACIÓN CHILE (Chile)
12.30       Gaining insights via IP information analysis
Mrs. Daphne Grechi.
Product Specialist - THOMSON SCIENTIFIC Corporate Markets (Catalonia)
12.50       In the beginning was the patent - The role of Intellectual Property in Competitive Intelligence
Mrs. Marta Catarino.
Research Projects Manager - TECMINHO (Portugal)
13.15       Lunch


Thursday, October 18th, 2007 (Afternoon)

15.00    Workshop A

   Workshop I: Initiation I*
   Workshop II: Information Search and Analysis
   Workshop III: Information Visualization
   Workshop IV: Measure and evaluation of the Watch/Intelligence Actions

16.30    Coffee-break

17.00    Workshop B

   Workshop I: Initiation II*
   Workshop II: Information Analysis and Exploitation techniques
   Workshop III: International Workshop: International Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence Successful cases
   Workshop IV: Dissemination and distribution of the information

*Not available due to lack of quorum

19.30    City tour
21.00    Gala Dinner


Friday, October 19th, 2007 (Morning)

9.15 Opening
Mr. Koldo Saratxaga.
Project Manager – KOLDO – 2K    EMOCIONANDO   (Basque Country)

SESSION II: The hidden keys for the intelligence: human factor and firm culture.

9.45 The human factor within the Technological reports; Competitiveness through Knowledge

Mr. Miguel Ángel García. Innovation and Technology Transfer Manager - INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE ARAGÓN (Aragon)
10.05 Hybrids, Social Networks and Globalization of Innovation: new challenges for the watch and knowledge management systems

Mr. Amalio Rey. Emotools Manager - EMOTOOLS (Andalusia)

10.25 Organizational Culture for the Strategy improvement: Central America, Bilbao and Murcia with no lacks within communication
Mr. Jesús Albizu.
General Manager - ALBIZU, VIDAL Y URÍA (Basque Country)
10.45 Watch for everybody
Mr. Xabier García de Kortazar.
TIC Unit Co-ordinator - FUNDACIÓN TEKNIKER (Basque Country)
11.05 Coffee-break

SESSION III: Watch and intelligence within global environments

11.30 Market Intelligence in big firms
Mrs. Eliana Benjumeda.
Infoline Director(Member of Global Intelligence Alliance - GIA) –        INFOLINE (Andalusia)
11.50 Multiple markets penetration case In Latin America
Mr. Adrián Alvarez.
Midas Consulting Founding Partner - MIDAS CONSULTING (Argentina)
12.10 Multi-sectorial Technologies Watch focused on SMEs
Mr. Javier Barreiro. 
OTRI Technician, encourager for the Watch Unit - AIMEN Technology Center (Galicia)
12.30 Semantic treatment and automatic patent evaluation in global environments (PATExpert project)
Mr. Enric Escorsa.
Vigilancia Tecnology Watch Analyst - IALE Tecnología (Catalonia)
12.50 Virtual Communities and Competitive Intelligence: Aplications and methods for information managements
Mrs. Andréa Vasconcelos Carvalho.
Library Science Department Head Teacher - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO GRANDE DO NORTE (Brasil)
13.10 VISIO 2007 Conference Close
13.30 Lunch

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